Monday, January 19, 2015

Starfire Rainbow Jellybean, They Have It Together For a Stellar Track

“Get It Together” - With a  catchy drumbeat Starfire Rainbow Jellybean launch this track into your mind and make you dance the night away on this Retro-Pop track. Production on this song is really smooth. I almost want to go and by some tie-dye shirts and dance freeform waving my hands in the air. Guitar work is definitive of the late 60’s early 70’s. Both rhythm and lead guitar work is done tastefully and put you in the disco mood. Vocal work is sung really well you can almost feel the love rolling out of your speakers. I like the approach and the swing you feel will have you on cloud nine in no time at all. Bass guitar handles the low-end groove rather well and with the synth strings you will want to grab the hips of your girl and spend hours kissing by the lava lamp. The horn section takes this song over the top and your heart will swell with the sweet notes of happiness. I recommend this to anyone that likes Pop, Classic Rock, Disco or even Alternative genres. You don’t need platforms or a pair of bellbottoms to enjoy this song. A relaxed night getaway is just a play away. 

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