Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kaja Pecnik, A Lone Voice and Piano on Display

Live Concert 12/19/2014 - Live performances are like watching someone walk a tightrope 50 stories in the air. The person watching may not understand that at any moment all could fall horribly, because the artist does such a great job at making it look easy. Live performances are also difficult for the fact that it can be hard to capture the sound of a live performance without destroying the beautiful moment that was presented. The following excerpts seem to be captured merely on a hand video camera. Professional live recordings these days are taped with multiple cameras and a professional mixing console to capture every aspect of the room. All that said, something truly beautiful is on display here. What you find is an extraordinarily beautiful voice in a  wonderful sounding room. Many live acts use a symphony or a large sounding band to back up a vocalist. A lush full sound helps cover any slight mistakes that the vocalist may let slip. Here you find just a woman and piano. Two sounds dancing together in the air like a beautiful ballet winding and weaving notes and phrases of passion. Vocally Kaja sings extremely well. Here passion and heart give her voice the strength to soar to the heavens. All is on display and nothing but sheer beauty is found. The backing piano work is just as intricate and detailed as Kaja’s voice. Such performances show true bravery and ability that even those without knowledge of music can see the true talent. I hope much more beauty will be put into the world from this wonderful woman. In times that echo fear and terror, such art allows us to know that some things cannot be conquered but will overcome all.

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