Thursday, January 1, 2015

Highlives/Nothing Gold Can Stay, A Split Record? It Comes Together 5 Star!

Split - This is an interesting release being that it is literally split between two different bands. The first two tracks are helmed by the Highlives. Like a shot of espresso main lined into your vein this release just launches right into your face. The drums slam and are played to perfection. You can almost feel the passion and maybe some sweat smacking you in the face. Guitar work is grinding and full of angst and energy and makes you want to windmill air guitar till your arm fly off. Bass guitar work holds down the low-end and gives these songs balls the size of and elephant’s cloned to be 5 times bigger. The singing is of true passion you find yourself wanting to play this over and over so that you can sing along. I would definitely recommend this band to anyone that likes Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock. This is an excellent display of passion intersecting with musicianship. For the second half of this release the band Nothing Gold Can Stay takes over. With their track “2010 Was a Bad Year” Ft. Ashely Cadwallader NGCS opt for a more open sound that is still full with the same heavy hooks and excellent production found on the first 2 tracks. Singing on these songs are a bit more melodic and slant a bit more to the Pop/Punk realm. Drumming is still top notch and skins are hit with the power of a sledgehammer and the precision of a sniper.  Vocals from Ashely Cadwallader really help put this track over the top and add dimension to the story. Guitar work is of a true professional. Bass guitar duties are in perfect lockstep and hold down the low-end but I wish that the tone had a bit more character to help it stand out. With their track “Sick of it All” you will find yourself chanting along on this rock solid anthem. I wonder why these two power houses don’t just join forces and make for one great band, but there is definitely enough talent to go around no matter how this is Spilt.

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