Sunday, January 4, 2015

John WHiTE / Zero 7, Mind Expansion Before It Explodes

“Mind Expansion” - With a shuffle in its beat John WHiTE pile drives you with a notion and a point of view that will make you spend a good dose of time examining yourself while sliding around the room to this slick track. I wouldn’t use the term “beats” here because the music created by Zero 7 is truly more of a song and not just some simple snare/kick/synth beat looped over and over. Vocally John flows really well. He has a deep voice and a slick delivery that makes for a very well understood poet, and his words per minute are deep. While he does attest to “eating MC’s for breakfast” John dispels with the other cliche’ lines in rap these days by not bragging about the women he can get, the weed he can smoke and he money he has in the bank. Lyrically he poses some really interesting ideas and would do just as well behind the mic as he would as a philosophy professor. The interesting thing about this song though is that lyrics drop out at the 2:34 mark. At first I was waiting for a cool middle breakdown, which I got musically, but the vocals never came back. It would have nice if the chorus had come back for another round or two and then wrapped up the song. Honestly though, the music stood up so well on its own that leaving half the track without vocals didn’t really hurt. As the track stands I do wish that the kick had popped a bit more on this track. It would have helped in the long musical outro and anchored the music. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative and even Pop genres. No matter your point of view, “Mind Expansion” will arise on listening to this track.    

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