Friday, January 23, 2015

Fancy Face, Look Over Your Shoulder Before You…

Music For Driving - With the opening heavy reverb drums I close my eyes and see a beautiful blonde driving along the coast. She looks into the rearview to check her lipstick and misses seeing the serial killer crouched down in the floor of her backseat. The opening track “13” has a real creepy vibe and a nice laid back groove that makes you want to have the wind in your hair. Following with the track “Add Some Sugar”  and its cryptic sample makes you wonder exactly what Fancy Face is cooking up in their kitchen. With a droning kick drum and ambient guitar and synth work I can see the bloody teeth of a twisted circus clown just before she licks her lips staring at the beautiful blonde from before. “11” has a great vibe as if the prisoner is about to escape. With notes of hope you can almost feel yourself trying to wiggle out of the knots that you are in. With “7” and this album’s conclusion you feel the pressure about to come to a resolution. With a guitar buzzing like a fly over a sweaty dirty body you wonder who is going to win this battle of wits. If you like music that makes your imagination run I would definitely check this album out. The production is rather claustrophobic and tight in nature adding to the urgency and tension in the vibe that it emanates. The tracks don’t do anything too progressive and hang on the hook riffs for most of the duration, but keep you attention well. I would highly recommend this album to those that like Industrial, Ambient, Experimental or Psychedelic Sludge Instrumentals. You won’t wear a funny face listening this though you may at times trade a smile for a paranoid one.

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