Sunday, October 11, 2015

Archi Deep, Showing You What Rock n’ Roll Is

NOWHERE MAN - Have you ever had a pot of ultra thick black coffee mainlined into your brain? Neither have I, but imagine it is similar to the feeling that I get off the open track on this release from Archi Deep. From the staccato swiped electric guitar strings I am woken up and this title track makes me want go all night. This is definitely a guitar rock record. If you are too easily offended or only listen to cute little electro-records that fit into the nice clean box the music industry sells, then turn around and run away from this release. You won’t be able to handle it. The guitar oozes awesome tones of blissful anarchy the way rebellious Rock n’ Roll should. Drum work is hit with power and reckless abandon yet will pull back to accentuate some of the funk infused grooves like found on, “I’m on the Run”. I know some would call this band “Punk” or “Alternative” but this is just a straight up a great Rock ’n Roll release.  The songs constructed here are fun and full of rage with great hooks. Room is allowed in each number so that the songs can breath. Notes are as if hand-picked for your listening pleasure with plenty of extra “ear candy” in the background. You’re going to want to listen over and over again. On the track, “High Minds” Archi Deep prove that even an acoustic guitar can rock. The added texture with the backing vocals make you feel like you have snuck backstage with the guys in some sort of voyeuristic moment.  AD build things back up with the track “I Can See”. Opening with just vocals and a grinding electric guitar you may feel like its going to be another stark number. Never fear Archi Deep kick in the bass and guitar and let this number swagger into your ears. Fighting that temptation to grab the cute girl in the miniskirt and sweat the night out dancing will be very hard. The vocals are great, the guitars grind and sound as if someone plugged their emotions straight into an overdriven guitar amp. Bass guitar tones have a full round tone like a beautiful woman who has found the tightest jean in the world to wear. Notes and lines slink and bounce around each track that help this album have not just the low-end power but also an interesting character. Now please note that this release isn’t just going to rock your face off with one spicy acoustic number. The vibe on this release is well balanced and will duck and weave like a seasoned boxer. Beautiful tender moments like that found in, “Real” counter balance the power that Archi Deep unleash so well. Making this possible is everyone in the band playing excellently to the song. On the final cut, “If Only It Was Sunny” Archi Deep take you on one final ride of peaks and valleys. With excellent Rock n’ Roll dynamics on show you will want to shout along. You’ll finding yourself wishing that there were more tracks to come. You’re only recourse is to press play again or go see them live. I would recommend this album those that like Rock, Alternative, Punk, Hard Rock and Pop Rock. With bands like Archi Deep cranking out music Rock will never die as long as you find yourself NOWHERE MAN. 

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