Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chill Magnet, Sunny Side Up Sounds

Gringo Mariachi - With the opening lines I close my eyes and  find myself in an open field. Picturesque clouds are scattered across the sky. Bare foot I run through the fresh early summer grass and extend my arms out as if I could fly. Chill Magnet has created a set of songs that make your heart feel free. Acoustic guitars seem strummed as if there wasn't a care in the world. The drums keep everything anchored to the ground but make you want to bounce and jump to the sky. Electric guitar work spins around each track and adds just the right amount spice so that they can melt in your mouth. Electronic elements help to keep the set fresh and mix things up a bit allowing each song to have their own character.  Bass guitar work brings the low-end and aids with the dance factor Chill Magnet serves up. Vocals slide out of mouth and into your ears like an arrival of a long lost friend. While some of the lyrical content may seem dour C.M. do well to put a sunny spin on any cloudy day. My personal favorite was the cut, "In Mexico". With its playful nature talking about a life that is on the edge it seeps into my mind and I smile knowing everything is going to be alright. I would recommend this to those that like Emo, Alternative, Indie, Rock or Pop. With dedication and hard work Chill Magnet is only going to get better from here. The question is, are you coming along for the ride?

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