Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Man.Goes Human, Traveling Amidst Sweet Notes

Man.Goes Human - As this collection spins I close my eyes and I find myself on a bus traveling to an unknown destination. My head leans against the cold glass and I wonder how I got here. Man Goes Human has a wonderful knack for writing heartfelt songs that make you ponder life and the curves in it. Their song, “No See” has a modern The Doors feel to it. It has a loose feel and you aren’t quite sure where the song is going to go. It has a free-flow Jazz type feel to it while held in a rock structure. On "Together for Eternity", you have a lone man and his guitar. It takes a real talent for a singer/songwriter to record something so stark and have it feel so warm and full. I don't think I have heard such a beautiful acoustic guitar tone in such a long time. Gears switch a bit on, "Fading" the acoustic work is accompanied by a stinging electric and soulful female vocals.  Things really spice up at the 3:21 mark where a full rhythm section comes and brings the emotions to a musical peak. If you are the type of person that likes cookie-cutter la-de-da Pop songs MGH is not for you. They challenge the typical notion of a beautiful song. They will take you on a ride of not just the senses but also the mind. With a sharp left turn Man.Goes Human throws in a dash of Electronica flare on "Ba Ba Black Sheep". At the 2:01 mark they break down and throw in a Dance beat that proves quite infectious. I look around yeah, people are staring at me dance, listener be warned. “Leave Me or Love Me" rocks things up a notch over a twisted love affair. With guitar work that sounds crinkled in just the best way you are far from feeling sorry for the victim as the drum and bass work wind you up.  Man.Goes Human crank out a nice tension/release rocker on "I'd" that explains just about what any man goes through when they are truly in love with a muse that takes them too far. Rounding out the set is the noodling track “EEEEE”. The notes off the electric guitar will spin around your ears like blues rock bliss. Soulful vocals soar to the sky while the bass guitars begs you to dance, and the drums suggest you grab your love. I would highly recommend this collection to those that like Rock, Alternative, Progressive and Indie. Man.Goes Human are a unique act that deliver top shelf goods. Don’t ask, just go and listen. You will not regret it. 

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