Sunday, October 4, 2015

Respublica Mars, A True Rock Album That Rocks!

Music From the Underground - From the opening notes off guitar this album takes flight and refuses to come down. With a little bit of Rock n’ Roll, a dash of Punk and a twist of Alternative Respublica Mars crank out a killer album that delivers. Mass hooks will pull you in and when the band pauses a second it is only for your sake. Guitars on this record set the new standard in classic tone. Whether it is clean guitar work that sparkles the air around you to the down and dirty grinding rhythm chops you will be hard pressed to stay still. There is a true groove factor that has been missing in Rock for quite some time and Republic Mars is here to fill the void. Lead work sounds as if it is effortlessly flying out of fingers on fire. Bass guitar work hits like a 12 ton concrete hammer. Ballsy and full of power each song is given a strong dose of girth that will have the ladies swinging and thrusting all night long. Backed up against the wall of guitars the bass has plenty of room to breathe and both elements are clearly heard. The interplay is a beautiful sonic dance that help the songs come to full fruition. Backing it all up is the drum work that cracks like a cocking shotgun, and explodes on each track as if the trigger gets pulled as fast as possible. The whole band works together like a well oiled machine and delivers quality Rock on every single song. Up front and in your face are the vocals that with out a doubt hold nothing back. With the right amount of harmony and melody mixed with strutting snarl the vocals will inspire you to get off your seat and sing along. From the opening track of “Hudozhnik” you will be propelled into sheer Rock n’ Roll bliss. As things twist a bit on “Willis” you will find yourself on the edge of your seat. “Epoch” will have you rising and wondering what is next and when the other shoe will drop. Soothing Bass lines only fool you till the guitar hammer hits you over the head. A molten metal version of the Blues is dancing on “Crazy”. Mellowing acoustic guitars of “Osen” will let you grab your girl and sway her into ecstasy. Rounding out the set is “Coda” that will have you pumping your fists and wanting more. Unfortunately your only recourse it to go back to track one till the next release, but fear not there is plenty of rock to tide your over for quite some time. 

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