Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Even in Arcadia, Two Great Tracks That Rock Dynamics

"City in the Dark" - With the opening bass notes sounding rather brooding EIA transform this track quickly with overlaying some beautiful guitar textures. The drum work pairs with the bass and creates a strong backbone for this song. With awesome cracks off the snare, delicate driving ride work in the verses and massive kick presence throughout. The drums do well to help create a wall of sound that seems like it cannot be moved.  In contrast the vocals drop a beautiful melody like a perfect string of pearls. In tandem with the guitars the vocals create an angelic atmosphere that compliments the rhythm section.  There is a push/pull dynamic between the verses and choruses that makes this a great Alt Rock song. The guitar solo takes this track over the top. While it remains clean in texture it sounds as if it is shakingly walking a tightrope trying not to fall as it navigates the obstacles in the narrative. A beautiful wonderful story is being told here. I would recommend this track to those that like Rock, Alt Rock and Pop. 

“Electric Thumb” - As clean electric guitar chords bounce around inside my ears I can feel a true hop in my step and then EIA unleash the rock. They kick in the gain and crank up the drum power and push past wonderful Pop textures. I really liked the ascending guitar chords that helped take the track up a notch. Drum work matches mellow sections as well as when things get cranked up. The bass guitar sits well in the mix and lends the cut some punch while playing against the rest of the band to create some wonderful ear candy. Vocals come across loud and clear and soar when cranking out the choruses. Even in Arcadia are awesome at creating classic tension and release dynamics here. While this song has some beautiful moments it can also rage like a lion. EIA are definitely a force to be reckoned with.  I would recommend this track to those that like Rock, Alt Rock, Hard Rock and Pop. 

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