Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rachel and the Ruckus, Kicking Up Tunes While You Kick Your Feet

Rachel and the Ruckus - Sauntering full of sizzle Rachel and her band slides into your feet, and you wont be standing still for long. With a bass guitar that walks and slides while drums hop through a set of blues rock you will find your heart falling in love with the voice of an angel. Sax work on display in “Bounce” adds the right amount of take-no-attitude character. Piano notes delicately slide across your ears in “Could Be Tonight” till the guitars get you juiced up for a night of hot passion. With the opening bass guitar pulses you can almost imagine a woman putting on some sexy black leather boots and heading out on the town. Rachel has no problem rocking the stage or hanging back and delivering tender moments. This release is thoroughly well balanced. Rachel has the rock swagger needed to give any band a run for their money and her partners can kick up enough Ruckus to make any crowd shake. I really like the mix on this set. Everything is in its place and well heard. The bass isn’t buried, the guitar has room to breath and the sax can swing without stepping on anyones toes while the drums work the beat hard without overpowering. Piano and Acoustic guitar elements that lead the opening of “Leave Your Light On” stand strong on their own, but as the track blossoms and the rest of the instruments come in the song soars to amazing heights. Sass and swagger are on full display with “Melt Away”. You’ll probably want to avoid eating ice-cream unless you can eat it really fast. Stinging guitars round out the set on “Romeo” and you can almost smell them starting fire. Rachel has heft and hooks to snare your heart and enflame your emotions. I would recommend this band to those that like Rock, Blues, Pop and Soul genres. Anyone complaining that music today is just a bunch of Ruckus hasn’t heard of Rachel and her crew. This is one to turn up and share with all. 

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