Saturday, October 10, 2015

Version 5, Taking You on an Inspiring Journey of the Imagination

Version 5 - As I close my eyes I find myself atop a large skyscraper. Squinting off in to the distance I see a comet falling to the earth. Looking straight up I see that it is not a lone object but rather the sky is filling with them. As they speed to earth I find nothing else to do but to dive to the ground. With the ground quickly approaching I pierce the pavement as if it is water. I swim into depths I have not ever known. As I look around I see an underwater cavern as I swim to, and then up into it I find an underwater lair. Coming out of the water air fills my lungs. Scanning the cave I see a rocky corridor lined with blue flamed torches which I begin to walk down. Walking along I hear chanting and with each step it keeps getting louder. The corridor opens to a hall full of other-worldly beings. Immediately I am surrounded, bound and put on trial for the misdeeds of my past. As my prosecutor froths at the mouth I look to the judge and see her shaking her head in disgust. I am then paraded back out to the masses. Full of hate they start to cuss and spit at me. Pulling from the passion and power deep inside I crouch and launch to the air. With the ceiling of the cave approaching I raise my fists and pierce through. Back above the surface of the earth I look around and see the remains from the meteor shower, but to the horizon I look and the sun rises. In this new day I feel I cannot be defeated.  Version 5 have released a set of songs that are epic in nature and sure to inspire. With a style that hybrids Pop, Rock, Industrial and Alternative Version 5 has created something beautiful and unique. Electronic embellishments do well to create a backdrop over which Version 5 build beautiful narratives over. Guitars embody a wall-of-sound character that feel like they weigh 20 tons.  Percussion elements drop hard and hold the spine of each number tight. These are the type of songs that have enough groove to them that you could easily dance as a posed to throwing your neck out from headbanging.  The vocal approach from this group is aggressive, but they dispense with the over processed or the impossible to understand typical hard rock style. Embodying plenty melody V5 stand strong with vocal hooks straight from their souls. There is a real crossover possibility here. I would recommend this set to this that like Hard Rock, Industrial, Alternative and even Pop. With Version 5 being so strong, one is to wonder what they will come up with next. 

Twitter: @Version5_Band
Instagram: @Version_5

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