Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chris Cole, Bringing the Rock With Slide, Style and Groove

Still Rolling With The Times, As I close my eyes I find myself in bed. It’s late morning and turning my head I see the nightstand with overflowing astray and an alarm clock telling me to get up. I sit up an light a half-gone cigarette from the night before. Smoke rolls out of my mouth and nose. As the morning sun weaves in-between the rays of smoke I begin to see pictures take shape. The smoke bends and takes form of a road. My consciousness leaves my body and follows the road. Transported into some sort of alternate universe I find myself riding a motorcycle down that road of smoke. Colors slowly transform into some sort of ultra-technicolor dream scape. With the wind in my hair I look upon the horizon and see evergreen trees trying to touch the sky. Below my feet the road screams by. Following the road I find myself winding in between the hills, over peaks and within the valleys. With no road signs I have no idea where I am or where I am going. I find peace though on this road. I am willing to take in whatever comes around the corner. Chris has the ability to write songs that take you on a laid back journey through your mind. On his opening track, “Let it Go” you will find a rich soundscape that lures you out of mind-numbing world that surrounds. He doesn’t scream in your face or try to rip your face off with a flurry of notes, he merely creates a track that grooves and warmly invites you in. He plays from the heart and isn’t afraid to lay it all on the line. “Without You” has man pouring his heart out for the world to see. With the keyboard work exemplifying his beating compassionate heart he shows the world what it is like to love. Electric guitar work on, To Find Peace in This Place” swirl around ears and fly off into the distance. An earthy chorus of vocal work take off in pursuit in hopes for a better day. Strong vocal hooks on this cut take this album to a special place. As the journey continues the low-end groove from the bass guitar is absolutely infectious on “What Comes Around Comes Around”. With tasteful percussion work in toe this track cuts so hard that you will want to move. Wether you find yourself sliding across the floor or spinning into the ground, the flow of the verses and the soaring choruses will put a shining sun on any horizon. As the music swells on “I Owe This All To You” you will feel like you are cresting a hilltop to look down and see a beautiful valley city where peace and happiness rein. Guitar work overall on this record is rather tasteful. Chris doesn’t over do with a million tracks of dribble. He allows each of his songs to sing on their own. With just the right amount of flair and character the guitar weaves into each story and sings like a bird. The track “Life Carries On”, makes you realize that events are like people on a crowed sidewalk. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate through them all. Occasionally you may even find you’re doing the 2-step with someone for a bit, but for better for worse life goes on. This track slides through your mind like a someone with a strong faith does in life. It finds the sweetness and learns from the rest. Chris is wonderful at creating song that exemplify what life is really like, and that obtain a lyrical message that won’t pull you down. Cranking it up a notch the cut, “Running Out of Time” has a bounce in its step and stands out in this set. Its as if you are at the end of a diving board and you have to decide if you are going to go, or walk back. Letting the Acoustic guitar shine on, “Got to Let Her Go” Chris Cole sings with a voice that reassures. Everything is going to be alright, and if you think not this song will sooth and heal. As you pick yourself up and dust yourself off the song “Feel It In My Bones” drives to that little place in your heart and soul that refuses to give up. With a focused beat and grooving bass you will find yourself wanting to put on your boots and head out the door. Chris’s vocal approach is that of late great classic rock artists. He merely gets behind the mic and sings. Nothing fancy, nothing auto-tuned, just a man behind the mic with his voice singing from his wisdom, so much so that you can “Feel It In His Bones”. Life is about navigating negative and not letting it pull you down. With music like this from Chris Cole you are often reminded that this is all temporary and that you got preserve through as exemplified with, “Rolling with the times”. I would recommend this release to those that like Rock, Pop, Alternative and Classic Rock genres. 


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