Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shadows and Mirrors, Challenging Your Senses In the Dark

"In the Dark" - As the oscillating synths swirl around my head I close my eyes and see myself driving through a post-apocalyptic city in a convertible with the top down. The wind in my hair makes me feel alive but as my eyes glance across the horizon I realize everything is oh so wrong. Stark cold electronic landscapes rise and fall with the peaks and valleys in this song. With textures familiar with yesteryear Shadows and Mirrors take you through a journey in the dark with a modern twist. With a sampled kick and snare pulsing in your ears you will find yourself looking over your shoulder to see if the footsteps you hear are really there. From traditional grinding tones to angelic notes that float overhead the key work build an aura of anticipation and tension. Vocal interplay with all the elements at hand are done in a spoken word fashion in a matter-of-fact type of delivery. There is nothing hidden here and you are left to face your own demons. The song is crafted rather well and if you are a fan of Darkwave, Industrial, Electronica, EDM or Alternative genres I would check this track out.  While many are scared of the dark, this is not a track to fear but rather embrace and wait for the cannibal headhunters to arrive. 


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