Monday, October 5, 2015

Carl Growcutt-Clarke, Rising High On This Low

The View - As the opening chords play I feel like I am about to open my eyes and see something awesome like the Grand Canyon. On the opening track you get a great dose Pop/Rock has a snap in its step and a tempo that will make you get up and “do”. You can’t help but feel a bit inspired and want to commit acts of positivity. Transitioning into the track, “Photo in Your Mind” Carl relies on a traditional Pop/Rock/Folk approach with Acoustic guitars that sway with chords that seem as light and effortless like the wind blowing. Bass notes push the song with low end power that give the song a concrete foundation. Percussion work is tight and right on beat countering the vocals and accentuating points that peak or valley as the story is told. Keyboard work lays in the background like beautiful flowers on a picturesque summer day. As a singer Carl is not going to shatter the glass in your windows nor is he going to tickle your ears with Autotune tricks of wizardry. He is merely a man that sings honestly from his heart. He welcomes you into his world and shares his life. He is straight up, honest, a true artist and his voice rings with soulful authenticity. There are really cool little nuggets of sonic bliss found on this EP. On the cut, “The View” the organ work that swells weaves through the track as if it is another voice singing in tandem with Carl. As the Rock aspect of Carl’s abilities come to the fore in “Reason and Rhyme” your ears receive a track that mirrors how life can feel manic sometimes. This is the type of music that I would want to put on those days I am just hanging around the house before I goto work. Life does all it can to drag you through the muck. Sometimes you just need to hear something that is inspiring before you head out. As you proceed on this journey though Carl’s mind you come across “You’re All That I Want” where his voice soars in desire to the point that you feel his passion in your gut. Rounding out this collection is the track, “Bright” which invites you to come out and enjoy life and all it can be. While life can throw you a curve or dip from time to time all you have to do is play this release and you will see a wonderful view. 

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  1. Thank you for your Review Michael, much appreciated Carl ;)