Saturday, October 24, 2015

Long Nights, Staying Up Late and Crafting Artistic Songs

The Teaser -  This is one of those records you could see the Beatles making if they were still together and making album. The songs have a genuine artistic quality to them. Unlike some music that now seems to be cranked out like stamped pieces of plastic, Long Nights sound as if they are a group of artists hanging out creating music with true passion. As the songs unfold you almost feel like you are a fly on the wall as they create these intimate moments right in front of you. The collection has a true down to earth quality.  Vocals seem to slide out effortlessly in time and in key. Guitar work feels like an old pair shoes that fit you perfectly and feel like home. Keyboard stylings add a swing and swagger that comes from the confidence of just knowing your craft. Drums are played in a beautiful artistic manner.   Each beat is created specifically for each song. Bass guitar duties lay down a powerful groove for each track. As lines slink out of the speakers you almost feel as if you are being called by a whispering voice to dig deeper into the world of each cut. Vocals act as if they are an instrument in and of themselves creating textures for each song that help each track conquer a bit of your heart. My personal favorite was the song, "Died at Five" the music has a carefree feel backed by passionate lyrics and a beautiful vocal approach. Long Nights have a real crossover quality. Straight up they are a good Rock band, but those who are fans of Americana, Folk, Pop and Alternative will find pleasure here as well. The Late Nights would be wonderful to fall asleep to, but they excel at crafting sunshine for any day as well.

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