Saturday, October 24, 2015

Roses Unread, With Power, Beauty and Passion They are Changing the Landscape

The Silver Lining -  As I close my eyes I see myself walking in a cold black desert. Barefoot I examine the horizon.  There is nothing but low hanging grey clouds and dead vegetation. I feel the ground beneath my feet begin to vibrate. As the feeling intensifies I see the ground rip in front of me. Out of the earth whip wide bands of fire. I’m afraid, but I watch like a small child at a fireworks display. As the bands of fire roll in the sky I see something emerge. A bird fire takes shape and morphs into a Phoenix. Raising my hands the mighty bird sees me and swoops in my direction.  Grabbing hold to its strong claws we fly  towards the horizon in search of better days. Here on this release Roses Unread pushes the boundaries and soars to new heights. The drum work hits you like a sharp slap in the face early in the morning. Grabbing your attention the hits are full of precise power and build a foundation for a mighty palace that reaches to the sky. Bass guitar notes are as thick and solid like a concrete wall on which beautiful treasure are held protected. Guitars bring passion that rages like a mighty fire. Rhythm guitar tones stand like a behemoth taking the muscle in each song to highest possible limits. Lead guitar work aid each of these epic numbers to blossom in your imagination and wash away your daily toils. Keyboard embellishments take Roses Unread to a new level and help frame the back story of each number. Backing male vocals bring a rage and character to this release as if some creature from the dark has been uncovered and is to now be reckoned with. The cornerstone of R.U. is the beautiful, melodic and seductive vocals from Allison. At the helm she leads you through a series of treatments that will evoke the power, passion and ability that you have inside yourself. This is one of those albums that just rocks track after track. I would recommend this to those who like hard rock and heavy metal genres. Roses Unread have created a pinochle piece of art here. You need to get this now. 

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