Sunday, October 18, 2015

Roses Unread, An Epic Track Full of Power

“One Eye Open” -  With Latin percussion and swelling strings you almost forget what Roses Unread do and who they are. Though once the guitars drop in your ears you feel like you have the ability to punch through concrete walls. With thundering drums in toe this track is one that will make the lovers of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bang those heads full of sweaty hair. Vocals stream through the air like a wafting ribbon of smoke between notes of utter bliss creating a melody that breaks the heart and empowers the soul. Grinding male vocals add and additional layer of aggression to this track, you can almost smell the fire and brimstone raining from the sky. A breakdown section that quickly morphs into a blues and soulful guitar solo makes you feel like you are atop a snow capped mountain ready to swoop back down to civilization and lay claim to all that should be yours and bring hell to those that need be paid. Roses Unread once again deliver a powerful track like only they can. I would recommend this to those that like Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Roses Unread may only have “One Eye Open” but they continue to deliver cuts that hit the bulls eye like a deadly sniper. 

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