Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tristan Avakian, A True Honest Artist

As Waters - As I close my eyes I see myself walking out the front door of my home where I see farmlands to the end of forever. Shutting the door behind me I raise my coffee mug to my lips and take a quick sip. Down the steps of my front porch I cross to the drive and my truck where I hop in, put my mug down and start the engine. Pulling out of the drive I survey the farm and I feel total happiness and freedom. I don’t know what the day will bring but I know my place in the world. Sometimes music, even if you have never heard it before, just sounds like home. With the opening chords on this release you will feel like you have been here before. Not that Tristan creates boring, all-to-familiar songs, but he sings to your heart and welcomes you into his. The song, “As Waters Engulf Us We Reach For A Star” unfolds like a spring blossom that becomes more beautiful with each passing second. These are pro cuts here with art that has been lived for long hard hours. Acoustic guitars sound as sweet as putting on your most comfortable pair of shoes. Keyboard work soars like birds in pure glee on a warm spring day. Notes roll out of bass guitar like a stream rolling over smooth rocks giving life to the land. As the page turns to the song “Hollywood Ending” you will find yourself wanting to slide across the room. The percussion work feels as if it is smooth as glass. Guitar playing has a nice hop to it as if it is jumping from bubble to bubble floating in the air. Strings swell and so will your heart even if you are not a sucker for a love song, sour or not. It will be hard to keep from dancing on your tiptoes with this number. Tristan has a vocal delivery that holds solid over a variety of styles. Effortlessly he can hold a melody that will make any ladies man jealous because somethings just can’t be faked. With a bit of sting off an electric guitar the song “Priceless” is just that. Organ tones add an honesty and down-to-earth quality to this song. In toe with falsetto notes sung the song cracks like a grand slam as it unleashes wide open choruses that great tracks are made of. Here you have a true artist on display, willing to search the depths to make each song sing and unique. As Waters can be rocky or smooth, all is held strong with Tristan’s command of mic and guitar. The only question is, why aren’t you listening yet?

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