Sunday, October 4, 2015

Grenouer, A Rainy Day Not Forgotten

“On a Rainy Day” - Grenouer have the ability to write great songs that hit the heart hard. Here they deliver a video to unite with their song, “On a Rainy Day”. I love the song on it’s own. The bass guitar plows through your mind and when the guitars drop they cut so hard that you feel that you have been personally affected. Drum work pummels hard as the emotion the band launches into this song. Vocals sung from the gut sound as if they are born out of an aching heart. As dour words drift across your screen you see beautiful thoughts remembered. Shot as if it was pulled from someones broken memories a life lost is on display. Cold stark nature scenes seem evocative of a life once soft and beautiful now cold and lost. I would highly recommend checking out this video if you are a fan of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genres or if you are a fan of independent film in the Noir genre. Quite simply Grenouer has done it again.

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