Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fearless, A Single Release That Cuts From Two Sides

“Suicide”/“ABC Abuse” - As the opening samples melt away a tick beat drops and the maze unfolds. As I close my eyes I see what appears to be a maze with perfectly white walls in a perfectly white indoor warehouse. As I proceed to walk and decide which way to go new reports start to flash on the walls. Its as if I am walking inside someone consciousness and things past remembered. Here on “Suicide” Fearless spins a series of tales of lost young souls trying to find their way in this world. With strong hooks and a solid chorus an eerie tale is told and while you may find the subject uncomfortable it is honest and from the heart. Sometimes we need to look into the eye of the storm. With poetry such as this it helps the tale of others truly hit home. Flipping a switch he switches to a more light-hearted subject. Running through the Alphabet Fearless raps around a tight beat like Muhammad Ali in his prime. While “Suicide” has an underground gritty production feel, Fearless ups the ante’ on “ABC Abuse” where he drops a cut that is pro-level. I would recommend this single to those that like Rap/Hip Hop, Pop and Alternative Genres. On display here you will find and up and coming artist that is quick with his wit as well as the mic. 

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