Monday, February 2, 2015

BlackBerry Winter, Warm Music From Blistering Talent

“If”/“Teach Me Tonight”/“Big Yellow Taxi” - Chemistry is a funny word. Some hear the word and think of a young man alone in a lab recklessly mixing chemicals and creating a mess with or without an explosion. On these tracks from Blackberry Winter you have something that is truly explosive, but it is a different type of chemistry. This lone duo creates a mood and sound that can soothe the racing mind and the jagged heart. Here you will find two true masters of their craft dancing together musically creating a sound straight from the heart. With Carl Schultz in command of the piano keys you hear someone whose fingers can fly with more grace than a butterfly on a summer day. Behind the microphone you have Marie Lalonde. With her angelic voice in ear you can almost feel your heart soaring to the heavens. The two together make an outstanding set of music that is choice for the ear as well as the mind. Many bands collaborate and with full ensembles have enough energy to cover over each others slips or gaps, but Blackberry Winter has nothing to hide. With just a voice and a piano they will command your speakers and your attention. I would highly recommend this act to those that like Jazz, Pop and Adult Contemporary genres. Blackberry Winter has the sounds you need to brave the cold and warm up with timeless passionate music. 

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