Sunday, February 1, 2015

Knawlydge, Breaking the Vice of Depression With This Track

“Depression” - The opening of this track reminds me of days when I open my eyes and I cannot gain focus. The synth work that fades from fore to background helps to put your back on your heels and grab your attention. I like the jazz vibe that unfolds from the sax loops that wind through this song. Percussion programming on this cut is adds to “Alice In Wonderland” feel. Lyrically you have something unfold in front of you that is rather fresh. Taking a strong look at current culture this song breaks from the pack and forgoes the boring lines on drugs, easy women and money. The delivery of the vocals has a strong flow and you almost wish that this song was longer. You’ll definitely find yourself playing this track over and over again. I would highly recommend this song to anyone that likes Pop, Alternative, Rap, Hip Hop or Experimental genres. While so many in this society fall prey to “Depression”. With cuts like these hopefully the world will get back on track.

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