Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liam Horrigan, Make No “Mistake” There is a New Talent on the Horizon

“Mistake” - One of the interesting things about being in my position is hearing from talent that can be in its most raw forms. On this track from Liam Horrigan you will find an artist that has the mind of a true songwriter and the passion of a stampeding herd. It would be absolutely fabulous to see Liam in the studio with a seasoned engineer. The song just rages out of the gate. On “Mistake” you have a man that holds nothing back. With a mid to up-tempo track you hear the broken heart of a man on full display. Percussion work has a real snap to it and locks in with the song rather well. Guitar work has a “grunge” element to it but is layered and rather interesting. I am sure this song would shine much more bright if each guitar had room to breathe. Bass guitar locks in just as tight and lays a low-end that thunders with just as much power as the rest of the elements on this cut. The middle section execution is just what the song begs for and the resulting guitar solo does well to push the emotional feeling over the peak. Vocal work though done rather dry is a great go and is not over masked in dainty words. Liam excels at singing straight from his heart. I would recommend keeping an eye on this artist if you like Punk, Alternative, Rock or Hard Rock genres. While the landscape of love can be scattered with “Mistakes” my hope is that Liam doesn’t abandon his craft for his talents will surely only rise.

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