Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Hushdown, Rocking the Radio With a True Unique Voice

Radio - Checking in with 11 tracks of pure character The Hushdown on this release let go of all inhibitions. Creative juices flow like the Hoover Dam has been blown with a nuclear blast. Rock n’ Roll swagger is on full display with the guitar on this album. From swanky acoustic strutting to grinding electric work the guitar work really frames up the vibe. Lead guitar work flows effortlessly like the natural beauty of a peaceful stream to phrases that transforms into raging rapids. Each guitar solo has texture that exemplifies the peak moments in each tune. What sets this group apart from so many of its rock contemporaries is the violin work. While some may scrunch their nose on the notion of a frilly violin working in a rock band, each phrase is robust with power and speaks almost as if there is another vocalist in the band. Each song takes you on a journey for the instruments do an excellent job of whisking you off. Whether by sea, air or road I feel absolute freedom in each track. Bass guitar and Cello work do an wonderful job of commanding the low end and creating an atmosphere that will make your body want to move. A particular favorite track of mine was “Rainy Day Lady”. With such natural organic texture it speaks true to the heart. You find yourself wanting to sing along even on the first spin. From the percussion faction of this group you find true art in motion captured. With work that ranges in textures and songs that themselves have such sharp turns the drum work is as solid as cinder blocks and beautiful as a tapestry. With so much going on its hard to believe that human voice could rein all this in.  Kali Hinkel stands behind the microphone and with her lone voice and drives each composition like a fearless lion tamer all the while making it sound easy. Her range of tones as well as approach command this album with true beauty. With the power of a stampeding herd and the passion of loyal heart I would recommend The Hushdown to those that like Rock, Pop, Progressive, Alternative, World and Ethnic genres. The true crime in this day and age is that you have to search hard to find such quality on the Radio, but with songs such as these I would take the time to tune this band in. 

Youtube links:  (Radio)    (Wishing on a Broken Star)     (Rainy Day Lady)

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