Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sacrecrowz, Burning the Bridge with Molten Metal

“Burning Bridges” - Muddy grinding guitars launch this track and you almost feel like you are running from something in the dark. The song has a really driving groove. Guitars pound and lurch after you like a serial killer that keeps up with you no matter how fast you run. I really like the lead guitar that spices up this track. The pinch harmonics add a little extra burn right where this song needs it. Drum work is right on. The shift in dynamics that percussion work lends helps the song tell a full story instead of just grinding the same groove for 4 minutes plus. At 1:56 the song changes feel and you feel like you are looking over your shoulder. It might look like you have gotten away but Sarecrowz come back with a blistering guitar solo at the 2:48 mark. It's not the type of lead that has a million notes a minute but the phrasing is perfect for the song and it burns with passion. The bass guitar work is pretty hidden primarily because it is in lock tight step with the rest of the band and helps define the unified murky feeling on this track. Vocals are rather straightforward Hard Rock/Heavy Metal attitude. You wont find some dude trying to sing 15 octaves high like a chick or someone that sounds like they are related to the cookie monster. This guy just belts it out with honest attitude and you can understand what he’s saying. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Stoner Metal. With the Scarecrowz “Burning Bridges” you can rest assured that they aren’t going back where they came from, and they are only going to rise higher and higher with each and every release. You might just want to leave a light on tonight though after listening to this track. 

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