Wednesday, February 25, 2015

J. Snipez, Creating His Own World From Awesome Tracks

My Own World - From the streets of Spring Valley, New York J. Snipez rolls his own brand of Rap that will entice the mind and encourage the body to move. Whether pulling cuts from years past or yesterday J has the ability to flow over just about any groove out there. This mixtape has the goods. It’s got an excellent sound that just jams out of your speakers from cut one. J’s ability to dance around the cadence of any beat and keep it fresh is without doubt. Some MC’s ride that downbeat too hard and it become too monotonous but this artist has the ability to fly around like Muhammad Ali in his prime. After rocking the mic for three straight songs Mr. Snipez slows the flow on “Bad Girl” showing that he not only can keep the bounce going but also lay a slide smooth as glass. Each track has its own character and twist of flavor, some may have some spice others have the right amount of sweet. This is the type of album that will not get boring quickly and you can push play and let each of the eighteen songs rock straight through. J down right drops the hammer though on, “Way 2 Go” with rhyming so fast that you might just get whiplash. While you might not hear this artist on the radio it's not due to the fact that his songs don’t kill. Each track has bass that kicks and will get your girl shaking it, and high end that is crisp and tight. Another breakout track is “Hail Mary”. With its backward track looping and awesome hooks it sounds as there is a new chart topper in the world of Rap. Now anyone can throw a rhyme about how great they are or how much money they got or even how many women they think they can hookup with, but to dive into ones past and be honest about the ugly takes a true artist you will not be left hanging on “Rainy Days”.  I would recommend this album to those that like Rap, Hip Hop and Pop. Where so many fall short J. Snipez has the mettle to move on and creates something unique on My Own World.

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