Sunday, February 22, 2015

Danny Page, Roaring with the Heart of a Lion

Lion -  It's really amazing where a voice can take you and how it can make you feel. On this release a new voice enters the world that will rise you to the heavens and make you feel like you can move any mountain. A lone passionate voice can do so much and if you take the time to listen, Danny will show you what it can do. For the most part this EP is just a man, his heart and guitar. I know of many artists that need a full band to pull of what Mr. Page can do with just these three things and a microphone. This release is really well produced. Vocals and Guitar work together in the mix and complement each other as if they were actually one voice. Danny’s authenticity is on full display, and while he sings really well you will not find any overly flamboyant vocal exercises showing off his range. He just sings to you with heart in hand, and with that honesty and passion true beauty is found. Guitar playing is just as true. From shuffling to strumming and intricate single note picking his guitar weaves tales that almost need no words. Occasionally songs have light percussion in the background that help give each that little extra character. This is the type of album that I would love to put on just hanging around the house on a cold winters day to warm up with my girl, or on a drive to a new adventure. You can picture the sun striking your face through the trees driving down the road first thing in the morning. Just like the sun brings a new day and new possibilities this release will open your heart for a new or renewed possibility of love. I would recommend this EP to those that like Folk, Country, Pop and Alternative genres. With so much music out there to cloud your mind this album roars with the passion of a Lion.


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