Monday, February 2, 2015

Straight Razor, Cutting a Single That Rocks the Heart

“Good Morning Little School Girl” - With the opening resonator guitar jangling around the room you’ll feel compelled to start tapping those feet. Once the bass guitar enters you are going to want to get up off your seat and start strutting. For those that like the Classic Blues Rock sound you have a new group to adore. Straight Razor waste no time getting down to business on this track and definitely cut a rug. The drums sound alive and amazing I kept looking over my shoulder thinking they were in the room with me. The bass pulses and dances around this ensemble laying down a low-end that will make even the stiffest of collars want to swing around the room. Guitar work sizzles and rides the rhythm sections groove and tosses out phrases like a rich man throwing fists full of money into the air. The lead guitar work oozes with authentic 6 string passion. With a laid back swank the vocalist takes command of the microphone and sings this cut to a tee. This is just a great rocking track that you will want to play over and over again. I would recommend this song to those that like Blues, 50’s/60’s Rock, Rockabilly and Modern Retro genres. With songs as awesome as this you know that Straight Razor will cut into your heart deep leaving you wanting more like a school girl dreaming of her perfect bad boy. 

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