Monday, February 9, 2015

Mike Michalak Band, Cranking the Rock and Not Sweating the Tough Stuff

“Never Easy” - Great Rock n’ Roll songs can be hard to find anymore. Most of the time when you hear new guitar oriented songs they are usually Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal numbers that blister with oversaturated guitars that sound like that they are going to set your speakers on fire. On this song from the Mike Michalak Band you have a tried and true Pop/Rock song. That being said this track has no lack of balls. With guitars that have just the right amount of grind they sing front and center with true Rock swagger. This cut has a strong vocal hook which adds dimension. Drum work has a solid groove where the snare cracks like a whip and fills that counter and support the dynamics. You will find yourself wanting to dance immediately no matter who is around. Bass guitar lays the low end groove down and stays right in the pocket enhancing the desire to shake your hips. Mike’s vocal approach fits this song perfectly. His cadence behind the microphone dances around the beat and acts as another instrument in the band itself. Its time to let go like its Friday night and have some fun with this song blaring out of your speakers. Don’t fight the urge. Just go with it. While some things are “Never Easy” this is a track that will make it easier to deal with the hard things in life.  

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