Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grenouer, Unwanted They Still Hammer Out Platinum Hits

Dropping like a 13 Ton sledgehammer Grenouer hits you over the head with another album. With their own brand of Alternative Metal Grenouer once again hits the ground so hard it cracks. From the eerie opening of “Awake” the guys take you on yet another journey though their spin of aggressive music. The production is top notch overall. The sound on the album has a very open feel while everything feels close in the mix. With tracks like “Unwanted Today” Grenouer lay down a massively thick wall of guitars but also employ textures familiar to Korn’s once known modulated ghostly textures. Guitar work on this effort is just absolutely massive. I don’t even think a wrecking ball could pierce the wall of sound that Grenouer has created. Even when shifting gears on “Something Really Bad” opening guitars chime with suspense and you can almost the impending doom in the air. Alexander Motor and Al Bolo in tandem are a force to be reckoned with. The girth and power in Al’s bass is on full display in “On a Rainy Day” with his special concoction of low-end grind. Alexander’s guitar mastery is fully present on this collection from the delicate acoustic textures that are present in the opening of “Blossoms In the Dust” to the guttural molten Metal found on “Artificial Tears”. Holding them together is Danny D behind the kit. His touch is quite impressive. He can play back in the mix or slam it hard up to the front. With his attack and approach to these songs he definitely belongs known as one of the greats. There is tons of great Hard Rock out there, but what sets Grenouer apart from all the others is Andrey Ind’s vocal approach. Commanding the soundscape from behind the microphone Andrey sings aggressively without sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles, and has the guts to sing melodically like an angel on more mellow moments. Grenouer together create awesome cuts working like a well oiled machine. While so few buy albums anymore, Grenouer has gone out of their way to create a peace of art that is worth buying as a whole. Every single song has massive hooks. The old saying, “Well I don’t like buying albums cause only one or two songs are good” doesn’t apply to this release. Every song could stand on its own as a single but together you get an awesome collection that you will not want to put away. I would highly recommend this album to those that like Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal or Alternative Rock. With albums “Unwanted Today” Grenouer has released one that will be hard to ignore or put away once spun. 

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