Sunday, February 1, 2015

Camp X, Soaring to New Heights and Taking You Along for the Ride

All Quiet on the Northern Front - In the musical universe occasionally you find music that is truly inspirational. Some artists just have a knack for writing such material, or are in the right frame of mind at the right time. The tracks on this release from Camp X does just that. They write inspirational songs that rise and fly like an eagle and burn bright like a star in the night sky. Opening with the track, Revelation #2 A soulful voice takes the helm on a Hard Rock composition that builds hight like Mt Everest.  Convexly it valleys and allows you examine your own soul. For the track “Dead Man Walking” a subdued vibe that thunders for a low burn transforms and explodes wiping away pain with vocals that soar and guitars that hammer. On “Perfect Day” acoustic guitars lay a bed of sound like peaceful waters on which you can set sail and let dreams come true. From the song “Shine” you feel a sonic push made famous by bands like U2 where the song just builds and builds until an exuberant release. A common thread runs through this entire album. Guitars that reflect pure honest emotion and that wander ever part of a human heart to reveal true passion. Execution is absolutely beautiful and push each song to the limit. Bass guitar howls and winds through every song giving them depth and muscle which help inspire not just the mind but also heart and soul. Drums are played to utter perfection either thrashing away in complete bliss or laid back and enjoying the moment. Key/Synth work rounds out this musical ensemble and adds just the right amount of flair to each track. This allows every song to have its own personality and additional dimension. Holding it all together though is the vocal work that is the true driving force of the band. Often I will hear a group that would sound empty without its vocalist but here you have a band and album that without its vocalist would have no heart. You can truly tell that this is not just a group of individuals excelling at what they do, but a true piece of genuine art when collaborating together. Hopefully Camp X will have a long and glorious run, for they have the talent collectively that true timeless bands are made of. I would say that if you like Pop, Rock, Hard Rock or  Alternative genres then you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not checking out this band RIGHT NOW! While all may be quiet on the northern front, it is surely due to the epic music that is on display in these hearts. The only question now is, where does Camp X go from here?

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