Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Wilde, Singing With Soul and Digging the Sounds

“He Digs Me” -  With a truly soulful and talented voice Sunday Wilde rolls out of your speakers and makes your heart fall in love with music again. Nothing in the world holds more pleasure than hearing a talented voice sing from the heart, and that is exactly what Wilde does here. Weaving a melody that makes you feel like you are running through the grass on a warm summer day Sunday is like the warm sun on your face. Percussion work on this track has a shuffle feel that will make you want to join in no matter where you hear it. The guitar and bass have a joined laid back vibe that will ease your heart after a stressful day. They work wonderfully at dancing together rising upward to the heavens and so will your heart. The horn section swells like swarms of beautiful butterflies that make the cold winter days fade and rise like a new love’s passion. While this cut has a definite retro vibe it is fresh and new sounding. The production is absolutely wonderful and you can tell that the artists on this track are pure professionals. I would highly recommend the song to those that like Pop, Blues, Americana or Adult Contemporary. While Sunday Wilde may be rejoicing cause, “He Digs Me” you will definitely feel the love on each and every spin of this track.

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