Sunday, February 22, 2015

Evolution Project, Let Your Mind Evolve and Get Hypnotized

“Hypnotized” - Sometimes you just want to shake out all the bad vibes and listen to something that will take you to another place. Opening with a drum sample and a chirp from and electric guitar this song unfolds and takes you on a journey into this artists mind. The track builds rather well layer on top of layer all the while staying focused and keeps you “Hypnotized”. With the middle break that enters at the 1:57 mark you find a guitar solo that seems a bit left of center which fits the texture of this song rather well. This song is strongly in the vein of Pop/Industrial. Lyrically there isn’t anything to dark here so think more of early popular NIN work as a posed to the Ministry side of Industrial. The production on this track is rather well. The samples and playing are mixed and mastered well. I would have like it if the verse vocal phrases were a bit more in the foreground of the mix, but you can tell that this is an artist that is developing his studio craft. Songwriting is sound and follows a Pop structure. To the song’s benefit none of the elements outstay their welcome and enough variations in application help the development of this piece. It will be interesting to see how this project evolves. I would recommend this track to those that like Pop, Industrial, Electronic and Alternative genres. While there is so much out in the Pop charts these days that try and “Hypnotize” you from never leaving, this is a fresh track that runs counter to all to familiar Taylor Swift formula.


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