Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Body Electric, Rolling Down the Volcano as Molten Metal Can

“Mold Breaker” - The skin of my face is flapping from the wind that is streaking and tearing across it. Sweat doesn’t even have time to bead and roll it just smears and masks my face. Dirt clings and I slowly turn into something that looks like a running dirt man. I dare not stop running nor do I turn and look behind me for from the sounds of the metal machine behind me make me feel I may be cut to shreds. Here on “Mold Breaker” you hear an artist that doesn’t hold anything back. They’re coming at you at a 100mph fueled by the Metal fury of guitars. The mix of the track is pretty good. I would have like such an aggressive track to have the kick drum higher in the mix, but this is definitely a guitar track. The rest of the production is rather smooth, and all the elements are well in balance and the overall volume has a even feel. With the guitar in the forefront on this instrumental rocker you can hear heavenly guttural guitar tone raging. It feels like you are in you prime running as fast as you can. The synth elements help to take some of the Death Metal vibe off. I am not sure if there is a bass guitar on this track, if so it is rather buried. While this is a guitar track it would be nice to hear the mids of a bass guitar popping to help fuel the percussion side of this song. At 2:13 you have this cut almost stop cold where it slowly rebuilds into a molten masterpiece. I would recommend this track to those that like Instrumentals, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. While this track doesn’t exactly break the mold it does establish some rather hefty cracks, and you will probably sprain your neck if you attempt to head-bang as hard as this guitarist plays. 

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