Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leah Kaye, Pulling Out Another Great Song That Soars to the Sky

Music is an interesting medium. Some songs are very angry and sound as if they want to pummel someone into the ground. Others help provide imagery and take you on a journey of the mind. Occasionally a track will seem like a mirror and will open up a view into yourself. Once in a while you come across a song that just ascends into the air and if you are lucky, takes you along for the ride. The light guitar notes that open this track seem to float effortlessly out of my speakers and rise upwards to the heavens. On this cut from Leah Kaye you will feel like you are rising into the clouds on a warm sunny day. Her approach is truly unique. While the arc of the narrative is rather dour in regards to the broken heart, her song is woven with the hope and soars. The composition is rather straight forward and simple, a beautiful voice and a lone guitar. String sections appear and swell during moments of this song that do nothing but help build the feeling of hope in contrast to the lone moments in pain. I would definitely recommend this track to those that like Folk, Country and Pop genres. While life may give you a “Push and Pull” from time to time, with songs as such as these you will find solace that hope brings a better day. 

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