Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dr. Itchycunt, Refusing to Discriminate by Testing All Genres

Not All Boys Like Girls - I am walking down a dark cave the walls are moist and the air is humid. I almost feel the environment slowly seeping into my body and I am being overcome. I hear an odd sound off into the distance and it is oddly intriguing. As I round a dark corner in this dark tunnel I see a shark, puppy and a unsliced loaf of bologna smoking cigars and playing poker. While I begin to smile and laugh they all rise from their seats, pull weapons and start to call pieces of me that they each want to cut off and eat.  Often the most strange music is the interesting and I am not talking about hearing someone playing Mozart on the bagpipes, I am talking a set of bagpipes doing Kung Fu moves and singing Disney Show-tunes. Dr. Itchycunt is the type of artist that blends his unique sense of humor with his spin on Electronic Punk. If you have no sense of humor or one that is a bit on the low side then stay away, you won’t be able to handle this. The Doctor manages to cram more genre references into 4 songs on this release than a Mad Hatter on Meth. From somewhat heavy Electronica to Folky Acoustic he covers all the bases except for Polka Death Metal, but maybe that will come out on his Anthology reflection as a previously considered but unreleased track. Each phase of each song has an interesting musical point of view. As far as recording quality the sound is that of a good demo. I am sure that if Dr. Itchycunt would have had access to a seasoned engineer or producer the finished product would have been more slick, but when working with this part of the brain other people just slow you down. I would recommend this EP to anyone that loves music, loves to laugh and isn’t wound too tight. While not all may like this album, Not All Boys Like Girls and that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the Kool Aid. 

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