Saturday, February 14, 2015

Starfire Rainbow Jellybean, Laying Down Funk in Love With a Sparkle

“Love With A Sparkle” -  You can have candy, roses and soft teddy bear to try sweeten your love on Valentine’s Day, but what really comes in handy is a song that serves for your soundtrack. Rolling out their special blend of “Retro Funk” Starfire Rainbow Jellybean have just the track for such an occasion. This track has a drumbeat that will put an extra hop in your step. It will help you forget about the dreary February days and get you in the mood for love. The slinking low-end funk from the bass guitar will get your mojo in high gear and get your loves heart a pumping. Notes from the guitar sweetly dance around and will make you eager to catch kisses listening to those sweet notes flutter in the air. With the horn section blasting pure doses of passion you’ll find it hard to not grab the one you love and hold them close all night long. Vocals spin a dream-like tale in your mind and will get you in the mood for a love with real passion. This cut will get anyone to “Be Mine or Be Yours”. SRJ slam this track out in pure funk fashion. I would recommend this track to those that like Pop, Rock, Disco, Retro, or Funk genres. While anyone can say, “I love you” make sure you work your magic like a cupid and “Love With a Sparkle”. You won’t go wrong. Just spin it.

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