Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Dreamboats, Ripping Giant Waves Through the Tired Music Scene

"Don't Go Home"/"Love Control" - From the opening guitars you know that you are in for a ride. “Don’t Go Home” has a true Rock n’ Roll vibe that will get your heart racing. You feet will want to dance all night long with this release from these Canadian Rockers. There is a strong retro vibe, however they spice it up rather well and you feel something authentic and fresh. Overall the production is top notch. The mix is well balanced and there is enough grind and thumping to make you want to dance till your shoes burn off. Guitar work is really clean but still has a nice bite to it. Drum work is close and up front in the mix which really helps the spinning dance vibe. Bass guitar work is hidden somewhat and it would be nice to hear it pop a bit more, however it holds down the low-end of the song well and helps the groove factor hit a 10. Vocal work on these tracks are spot on. I don’t think that they could do any better. With rapid fire sequences still enunciated well you can understand what these guys are singing about. Nothing is worse than a great track with a singer that sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles. These tracks have true crossover potential. I would recommend The Dreamboats to anyone that likes Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Garage Rock or Alternative genres. With a great kick in their songs The Dreamboats have a vibe that will brighten your day and rock your night. Lets just hope that the dream doesn’t end anytime too soon.

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