Saturday, February 28, 2015

S.H.O.U.T., Music NOT for the Faint of Heart

Shock the World -  I am trying to see where I am but something is dripping in my eye. I try wipe the substance from my face but I realize that my hands are tied. I try to sit up but my ankles are bound to my wrists. Shaking my head I attempt to scream but I am gagged and what tastes like a sweaty gym sock is in my mouth. As the liquid slowly rolls down my face I gain sight and with a crack of light coming into the room I can see and smell that it is blood. I hear a grinding of metal in the next room and an evil chuckle. Shock Rock over the years has scared some, entertained many and pissed the rest off. Best said, Shock rock is somewhat like drinking cheap vodka. In the beginning for some it will make them want to vomit but after catching your first buzz you might just learn to enjoy it. Out of the depths of Finland come S.H.O.U.T. With drum machine, vocoder and guitar in hand they rage like a demon from the depths of hell. The quality of the recording is underground or demo in nature. While those that are musical elitists will raise their nose in pure disgust, others will relish the pure pain and suffering such starched collars feel listening to this collection. The guitar tones are guttural. Meaning that the guitar actually sounds like some sort of hell-beast emitting a mating call. While drums are played in perfect time because they are electronic the sad part is that sometimes they rather buried in the mix. Guitars whether, electric clean, distorted or acoustic don’t always agree with the timing of the drums. You could easily write this of as poor musicianship, but the resulting effect is a dissonance that lends true creep factor. Vocals are processed and sound as if Satan himself adopted a child no one wanted and gave him singing lessons. This is definitely music that you don’t want small children listening to at night, unless you want to give them nightmares. I would highly recommend this album to those that like Shock Rock, Avant-garde, Glam Rock or Dissonant Punk Rock. While this album will surely Shock the World, the sad thing is that most probably are too afraid to listen to it.

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